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Minca, Colombia

Terraces on Contour at CENIT Arte-Natura Total length: 24m (79ft)
In April of 2017, Sean Dixon-Sullivan built two terraces and a banana circle at CENIT Arte-Natura* in Minca, Colombia.  There were several objectives to this contour system: Erosion control - to catch any soil eroding from the construction site on the hill above.Food production - to provide healthy, organic food to the kitchen and to offset food costs.Education - to serve as a demonstration to locals and a subject for permaculture workshops, of which there have been three to date (August 2018).

Construction took two days with one person.  On the third day the terraces and banana circle were planted with students from CENIT's first workshop.  The process, pictured below, is as follows: First, Sean marked a level line across the hill using an A-level.  Then at each marker he excavated a hole using a post-hole digger and inserted stakes of Glericidia sepium (i.e. matarraton, madre de cacao, madera nerga), which resprout t…