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Bamboo Replanting at Wübu, Livingston, Guatemala

On the “Dry Hills,” an estimated three quarters of the 400 bamboo planted there in recent years died. Poor management may have contributed to the losses (infrequent weeding, and weeding practices that exposed bare soil to erosive rainfall and drying heat), but the harsh conditions also contributed.

Witherspoon Retreat, Cleveland, South Carolina

The Witherspoon Retreat is a 3.8 acre property nestled upon Cedar Mountain on one of the first mountains ranges of the Appalachians and one of the only mountains in South Carolina.

The property lies on a moderate to steep slope with natural spring emerging from the ground on either property border.  The northern half of the property is forested, and a home is built on a terrace a third of the way up the property.  The house receives its water from a RAM pump that uses no electricity, and moves water from the western most spring to the faucets in the house. 

The back yard has a moderate slope.

The front yard has a very steep slope that causes problems with erosion.  
The plan is to use the RAM pumps to move water from the spring into a system of berms built on contour.  The water will slowly move downhill throughout the property settling in a series of aquaculture ponds, a bathing pool, livestock troughs, and animal ponds.

Berms along the tree line constructed from soil excavated fro…