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Don Adolfo Project: Pasture to Agroforestry near Livingston, Guatemala

Introducing the Don Adolfo Project (DAP).  Named after the pioneering landowner where the project takes place, the DAP converts former cow pasture into an agroforestry, ecosystem restoration and educational site.   Furthermore, this pilot project will develop a model for land development and cooperation between landowner (Don Adolfo) and tenant (me, Sean Dixon-Sullivan), while employing, training and eventually encouraging self-ownership for local campesinos.

The Deal
First, workers from Contour Lines Corp., including myself and three campesinos from Tatin, installed 1,151 meters of contour lines across the 0.87-hectare (2.15 acres) site.  Along the lines we planted Don Adolfo's 200 fruit trees—mango, rambutan, avacado, lemon and orange—and between we've begun planting shorter-term crops, which will eventually include cassava, sweet potato, pineapple and banana.  The deal is we can cultivate his land rent-free, harvesting all short-term crops we wish, as long as we keep his fr…