Mission and Vision

Contour Lines Corp is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to building contour lines as an agro-reforestation (ARF) method.  

Our Mission is to extend contour lines, one meter at a time, across the world's degraded farmlands;  to block soil erosion and build soil fertility; to plant them with trees and other crops that both restore ecosystem health and generate economic wealth.

Our Vision is a landscape woven with contour lines, farmed with agro-reforestation methods, designed to feed and enrich communities while not only sustaining, but regenerating ecosystem services.  Afterall, our existence depends on breathable air, drinkable water, soil fertility and carbon sequestration, services threatened worldwide.

Ultimately our goal is a change in mindset, one that unifies humans with nature, farms with forests, the economic with the ecological.  Through research and education, and through hard work on our own projects, Contour lines extend this change, one meter at a time.

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